Обновление модов Eco’s

Обновление модов: eco’s RP Decor  и  eco’s Garden Decor

Обновление мода eco’s RP Decor

Consumables to Food Tray:
Leg of Lamb
Fish and Chips
Berry Pie
Dodo Pot Pie
Hyaenodon Hotdogs

Sink can now be painted
Cooker can now be painted
Increased Sink height placement for those building on floating islands


Обновление мода eco’s Garden Decor

Stained Glass Corner Roof

Removed Is Core Structure from Pergola so that it stops the decay timer from going crazy which in turn causes your Pergola to decay overnight
Adjusted textures on Hanging Wall Ivy, Ivy Ceiling, and Sloped Ivy Ceiling
Fixed Base Material Corruption